Is anybody from Vila Nova de Gaia or Porto?

Hi and welcome to PORTO! You can buy a good hardtail in DECATHLON MAIA. MAIA It´s a small city near PORTO. In the center there is a small store called PEDALAR near from the "AVENIDA DOS ALIADOS" or in the mall "VIA CATARINA" there's also a megastore called SPORTZONE.

Enjoy your stay in PORTUGAL


Hello Snake.

First of all, welcome to forumbtt. I'm from Oporto and can refere to you a couple of stores:

- Bike Team - near Bessa Leite;
- Sportzone - in several shoppings all over town (Norteshopping, Marshopping, Via Catarina, Parque Nascente, Dolce Vita)
- Decathlon - in the city of Maia our more recently (it open yesterday) in Matosinhos;
- Biciporto - near the Salgueiros Bingo;
- Patocycles - near the Circunvalação in Carvalhido;
- Altis - in Boavista Avenue;


As soon as i remember a few more i will post then...

Good luck.

Snake MTB

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Hello! Finally I brought my BTT bike from home and began to ride around Vila Nova de Gaia. I would like to find offroad paths. Unfortunately, I do not speak Portuguese, only in Russian or English, but would be happy to join the company of local bikers to travel up to 80 km in the area. How can I do this?
My Skype is: Sergiy Bunyayev.


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Hi Snake.

Me and my group usually ride on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings in Valongo, but sometimes we go to Serra de Canelas (in Gaia) or even further out of the city.

Feel free to contact me if you want to join us.