Looking for BTT groups in Sintra

Discussion in 'Foreign MountainBikers' started by peeweepierce, 26 February 2015.

  1. peeweepierce

    peeweepierce New Member

    Bom Dia Todos,

    I have been living in Lisboa the last 15 years.
    I can speak Portuguese ok but sadly never needed to write so sorry but will have to be English.
    Want to start to explore Sintra and other btt area of Portugal but realize its not safe to
    begin to explore alone so I am looking for a group to join. I have been riding Monsanto alone for the last 8 years
    and I know pretty much all the trails and feel ready to explore further away.
    I ride a hardtail but not really into marathons prefer trail\tecnical single track and small jumps

    Thanks in advance

  2. PFCJ

    PFCJ Member

    Hi PeeWeePierce,

    Every Sunday me and some friends meet at Barragem do Rio da Mula, coordinates 38.763431, -9.422186.

    We are an all mountain group that like technical single tracks, small and big jumps. You can come and ride with us.

    Currently i'm recovering from an injury on my hand and won't be there for another couple of weeks but as soon as i can ride again we can meet there to know each other and discover Sintra tracks.


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  3. peeweepierce

    peeweepierce New Member

    Hi Paulo, thanks for the offer i would love to join you as soon as you recover from your injury
    Lets stay in touch
  4. PFCJ

    PFCJ Member

    As soon as i can ride i'll send you a private message with details ;)
  5. Abuelo Frederick

    Abuelo Frederick New Member

    Boa tarde! eu sou um biker español e eu agora estou morando em lisboa. gostaria muito conocer persoas para montar en btt por lisboa!
    muito obrigado. disculpen meu portuñol.
  6. @BTT

    @BTT New Member

    I am a Portuguese living abroad and spending 3 weeks in Portugal for a vacation .
    I will be in Lisbon from 17th till 20th July. Does somebody plans to ride in Sintra or Monsanto (Great Lisbon area) and are willing to share the trail/ride? Just let me know. Since I am not sure yet if I should bring my back along or try to rent one.
  7. TammyAdall

    TammyAdall New Member

    Hello friends,

    I would like to travel in North West Russia through small roads in different provinces.
    Looking for beautiful villages in Karelia, Komi, Arkhangelsk region.

    I have 4x4 Volvo LAPLANDA 1960.

    Looking forward to hear from my new friends

    Best regards

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