Ibis Mojo HD

Pronto afinal sempre dá, acho que essa é do Brian Lopes.

"The leverage ratio, like the Mojo SL, is optimized for air shocks. The Mojo HD comes with a 8.5″ x 2.5″ Fox RP23. A DHX air will work on all but the small size."
Podias ter transcrito o resto:

With the advent of the new Fox RC4 coil rear shock, we've revised our stance on coil. The late stroke (bottom-out) knob enables a progressive end to the travel, perfect for the HD

Ou seja tambem está optimizada para Mola.

Tenho pena que nao apostem mais nesta bicicleta porque toda a gente que tem nomad c pensou nesta e somente nao foi para esta por falta de informação.
Olha nem tinha visto isso do "we've revised our stance on coil" mas acho bem, sempre é um quadro de 160mm.

Sim, realmente é pena não haver nenhuma por cá. Pelo que leio, são ambas muito boas, pelo que dizem a Nomad talvez para uma vertente mais radical, e acho que o fundamental para quem está numa escolha entre ambas verem bem a geometria onde ai talvez resida a diferença.
Tambem andei a estudar a geometria face à nomad C e os angulos mais importantes são basicamente os mesmo:
Ibis HD: tem Seat Tube Angle 71º e head angle 67º

Santa Cruz Nomad C: tem Seat Tube Angle 71.5º e head angle 67º

Variação muito pequena. Só nao consegui ver a distancia entre eixos da Nomad C.

A vantagem que vejo em relação à nomad é o Eixo de 12mm e a direcção Tapared embora na nomad dê para meter uma suspensão tapared.
Retirado do mtbr

"Ibis Mojo HD: 6" All-Mountain

This is a bike I've been interested in since I heard about it at the 2009 Dirt Demo. I got to throw a leg over one at the Over-the-Edge shop in Hurricane last spring and give it a spin around the lot and was super impressed by its light, responsive feel. I was dying to get it out on some rough, chaussey, Bootleg chop to see how it handled chunk in the real world.

As we climbed and sprinted the flatter sections, I was again impressed with its responsiveness. This thing is a freak. It is almost hardtail like on smooth climbs and standing sprints and yet still responds pretty well to trail irregularities and squared rocks as it encounters them.

The all carbon frame is solid and feels stiff through the rough, chundery, Bootleg rocks. Not super marshmellow plush, but it did not deflect off rocks and bounce around either. More of a solid, controlled plush. This would be close to a perfect Super-D/Endurance DH bike. I think it only weighed around 30 lbs yet did not feel like a long-legged trail bike like so many other light 6 inch bikes I've tried in the past. Though not exactly a Delirium-T it felt like it could quietly handle a fair amount of junk.

The large frame fit my 5' 11.5" body just about perfectly. The head tube was a bit tall which was comfortable for me because it felt similar to my 5 Spot. The top tube length was also just right.

I still have some misgivings about the durability of carbon fiber when tossed down in rocky country, but I would seriously consider this bike for a do-all "one" bike.

The nice Ibis guy get me set up to go. All the techs/mechanics at the booths I went to were friendly, helpful, informative, and seemed happy to help us out this year.

Plenty of room for decent sized tires.

This was one of the few bikes we rode that was set up tubeless. I wish all the bike companies did this. While we didn't have as many pinch flats as 2009, we (I should say Russell) did have three the first day.

Santa Cruz Nomad Carbon: 6" All Mountain

While I was shredding the Tracer on the rain soaked "hero" dirt, Russell was testing the Nomad. I'm surprised they let him take a carbon bike after what he did to their Blur LTc two years ago, but there he was sporting the Nomad C when we met back up.

As with most SC bikes the cock pit on this large felt cramped and short which was fine (and fun) when standing, railing, and generally tossing the bike around, but felt small when seated and climbing. I was amazed at how light this bike was for what it is. Maybe that colored my perception of its capabilities but it just seemed to be a bit more sketched out on the same descents and techy rollers that the Tracer 29er just ate up.

It was definitely tight, laterally stiff, and quiet but it just felt like a smaller, 140mm travel bike in a lot of ways. In fact the Lyric fork on here almost looked and felt like it was lowered to 140 and I don't think it was a U-Turn model. Maybe we weren't getting full travel for some reason but it certainly did not feel like a full 170mm.

With proper set up and some suspension sorting (and if the sizing were better for our 6' bodies) this bike could've given the HD a run for the light, super D bike of the show.

Sim ele conhece, mas olha que se fosse eu a escolher ... não sei não!!
Talvez fosse para a HD pois pelo que dizem sobe melhor e isso para mim é muito importante. Embora tenha andado na Nomad e não tenho razão de queixa.
O preço queres mesmo saber ????
O melhor é ligares para

Rua de Arrochela, 45
Baixa de Santo António - Alboi
3810-052 AVEIRO
Tel: 234 423 110
E-mail: pernalonga@pernalonga.net

e falares com o César, é 5 estrelas e pode ser que faças um bom negocio, e podes comprar só quadro e tem kits de montagem, mas nada melhor que falares para lá!!